Jacob Brazeal

Software Engineer @ Scale AI

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A better sort of puzzle-maze (with Beren Gunsolus). Easter eggs: Shift+X to skip a level; Shift+O for solver. Web Next.js Collab DynamoDBLambda

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An interactive experience for my talk about chess AI. Allows all participants to compete in optimizing an evaluation function and ultimately compete in a tournament. Takes advantage of AWS Lambda to let you simulate hundreds of games between different bots. Last presentation 9/22/21 at University of South Carolina Upstate. TalkNPMChessNext.js CLI DynamoDBLambda


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It's you vs. the world. Web Next.js DynamoDBLambda

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JSON with embedded SQL and networking. CLI PyPiPythonSQL

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Analyze Chess Games

Cloud-based tool + CLI for massively parallel chess game analysis. CLI NPMJavaScript Lambda DynamoDB StockfishChess

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